FROM CATNIP AND TUCK: We are happy to announce that the Catnip and Tuck voucher program will continue on for the foreseeable future. We appreciate all the generous people who helped us during this difficult time.

Because we did not reach our goal financially, we are having to make some changes in order to keep the program open.

The cost of cat spays will increase from $28 to $30 and cat neuters from $18 to $20. We also are happy to help with multiple cats but will ask for a nominal donation of $5 per cat if people are registering more than two cats. The first two cats will be $20 or $30.

If you are working on a feral colony, we can help with vouchers but would prefer you use the Spay Neuter Hotline TNR program or Altered Tails for ferals. Many of the low cost clinics offer lowered prices to rescue people so be sure and ask them.

We would appreciate any donations you are able to make in order to keep us afloat. Please pass the word. Thank you!

Bonnie Baker, President and Founder
Catnip and Tuck

Spay or Neuter Your Cat to
Help End Feline Over-Population & Euthanasia

The Mission of Cat Nip & Tuck is to provide low-cost feline spay/neuter programs in an effort to stem the tide of overpopulation resulting in the daily euthanasia of countless innocent cats and kittens.

Our mission is to not only help cats in need but to also help caring families who are trying their best to be responsible pet owners by spaying and neutering their companion animals.

We hope you will become an integral part of this organization by participating in the program or by making a donation.

We have done more than 13,000 spay/neuters - please help us continue this work!

Catnip and Tuck is a registered 501 C3 non-profit corporation.

Your TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation will help not only the cats, but also the caring and concerned people trying to do the right thing by spaying and neutering their own cats and other cats that may come their way.

Thank you for helping to end feline over-population.

Donation checks are always welcome at:
Cat Nip & Tuck  -  3718 N Pueblo Way  -  Scottsdale AZ 85251
Telephone: 480-650-9912  - 
Tax ID 75-3129301